Commercial Pest Control

Is your business or company in need of pest control services? We can help. Below is a list of industries we have been providing pest control services to for over 50 years.

- Farms

- Healthcare Facilities

- Hotels and Motels

- Office Buildings

- Restaurants

- Retail Stores

- Schools


We offer “facility specific” rodent and pest management services in accordance to USDA, FDA, NCDA & other agencies.

“If the pests that live outside are not controlled they will become inside pests.”
- Walter McDuffie, Entomologist, McDuffie Pest Control.


Integrated Pest Management Program


Inspection of facility to utilize specific pest management
  1. Proper rodent bait and trap placement
  2. Pest management program to utilize appropriate measures to minimize pest entry into facility.
  3. Facility specific pest management book will be maintained with all applicable SDS, labels, inspection logs, etc.
  4. Meet with auditors to insure all requirements are met and answer questions in regards to the pest management program.

Carter Farms, Inc. has utilized the services of McDuffie Pest Control since 2012.

“It is a pleasure to utilize their services because they are very reliable and knowledgeable in their field. Danny Littner, Service Technician, is meritorious and meets with our auditor during our food safety audit and answers questions for us regarding our pest management program.” – Ralph Carter, Owner, Carter Farms, Inc. 


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