The Importance of Quality Crawl Space Doors

McDuffie Custom Crawlspace Door

Keeping excess humidity out of your crawl space means significant mold and mildew mitigation. Quality crawl space door systems in combination with a dehumidifier can significantly reduce the humidity under your home, especially on those notoriously high humidity days. The humidity doesn’t just encourage mold and mildew, but it causes the wood under your home to rot faster and encourages insects and rodents to set up shop under your home. Finding quality crawl space doors is an integral part of protecting your home.


Crawl Space Door Systems

When you need to protect the environment under your home, you might have to replace crawl space door. One of the crawl space door ideas you can look into is CrawlSpace Care, which is a system that helps to reduce the amount of humidity under your home. This crawl space system minimizes the amount of humidity that gets into your crawl space.

In addition to reducing the risk of rodents and insects, this system also helps you save on your energy bills. When you minimize the humidity on the exterior of the ducts under your home, your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. Condensation won’t build up on the duct work, which also minimizes moisture under the house; and that, in turn, causes a more inhospitable environment for pests.


Exterior Crawl Space Door

As part of the regular maintenance you do on your home, you should check the crawl space door at least once a month. If the wood around the door is rotting, or the crawl space door is rusting off the hinges, or the framework is coming loose from the foundation, those openings are an open invitation for pests to get into a relatively dry place to set up a mansion.

If you see problems with the door, look into crawl space door replacement, but be sure to choose a quality exterior crawl space door to replace the old one. You can buy kits or you can build your own crawl space door. If you choose to build your own, make sure you use quality materials, including pressure treated wood. Even though the wood is pressure treated, it’s a good idea to stain or paint the pieces. For extra protection, stain or paint the pieces after you cut them and before you put them together to form the door.

Not only will the stain or paint allow less water to seep into the wood, but it helps protect the wood against certain wood-boring insects – though some just ignore the poison in the stain and paint and eat it anyway.

Also, make sure you have the proper tools and you build the door properly or you could do more damage to your home in the form of mold and mildew, and unwanted insects, rodents and other pests.


Contact McDuffie Pest Control

If you need help with your crawl space door, contact McDuffie Pest Control. We can help with crawl space door installation and getting rid of any pests that set up shop under your home. We’ll come out and assess the situation and install a new crawl space door, including the CrawlSpace Care system. If you are having trouble with pests under your home, let us know, and while we are out there, we can spray your home to get rid of pests.