Bed Bug Removal

Is It In My Head or In My Bed? Signs of Bed Bugs

If you’re wondering ‘what do bed bugs look like?’, it might be because you’ve seen a few unidentifiable creatures scuttling around the house. Or maybe it’s because you read an article after seeing a new bite on your skin. It may even be because someone you know had bed bugs and now you feel like they must be everywhere. Notorious for being relentless and especially difficult to eliminate, we feel your pain. We also know that it’s easy to let yourself be consumed with where they are and whether you’ll ever be able to see them. Before you panic, it helps to have some information about what bed bugs look like and how you can stop them. 

Bed Bug Exterminators

The Houdini Bug: Where Bed Bugs Like To Hide

Bed bugs bite, so if you have them, you probably know it. The bed bug bites show up as red welts on your skin. When you wake up in the morning and are itching, you start looking for these pests – and in many cases, people can't find them. They are there, though! Signs of bed bugs – other than the itchy bites – include little dark specks on your bedding.