Did You Know There Are No Mosquitoes in the Magic Kingdom? Here’s How

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From exciting rides to costumed characters, there's a lot to love about Disney World's Magic Kingdom. One especially underrated aspect of the famous theme park? The wonderful lack of mosquitoes.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is no small feat, given how prominent these insects are within surrounding Florida swamps. We've highlighted a few of the main mosquito lessons that Disney can impart below:

Mosquitoes at Disney World

Disney's extraordinary mosquito control success provides numerous takeaways for the rest of us, especially as we tackle common residential pest control issues.Why are there no mosquitoes at Disney World? This lack of insects can be attributed to Disney's strong desire to remove every possible nuisance from what is supposed to be a magical experience. What's more, Disney aims to protect guests from diseases carried by mosquitoes and other insects. 

Over the years, experts at Disney have discovered that no one solution alone will wipe out mosquitoes for good. Rather, the parks require a comprehensive strategy that tackles a variety of concerns. Known as the Mosquito Surveillance Program, this approach encompasses the following mosquito prevention practices:

  • Carbon dioxide traps. To better understand the source of mosquitoes and how they proliferate, Disney's mosquito surveillance experts set carbon dioxide traps. Once insects have been caught, they are frozen and analyzed.
  • Avoid standing water. In an effort to minimize larvae that might eventually become mosquitoes, Disney avoids all sources of standing water. Rather, the water at Disney contains fountains and other features that keep it consistently flowing. Drainage ditches lend further support for this strategy.
  • Liquid garlic. When building his theme park, Walt Disney made it abundantly clear that he preferred all-natural solutions for concerns such as insects. As such, the park has famously relied on liquid garlic as a form of insect repellent. This extract is sprayed around the park in levels so minor, humans are unable to detect the smell. 


If there are any takeaways from Disney's success in preventing mosquitoes, it's that there are no simple mosquito tips or quick solutions that can be called upon to immediately send insects away. Rather, long-term mosquito prevention and control call for expertise. Rather than relying on quick fixes, Disney trusts experts to make strategic decisions that will limit insect issues both now and far into the future.

Disney World proves that it's possible to keep mosquitoes to a minimum even in environments in which they thrive. At the household level, however, this can take considerable effort when you don't understand which circumstances lead to more mosquitoes. Without proper preventative efforts, you risk creating an environment that actively attracts mosquitoes and other pesky insects.

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