If You See One Mouse How Many Do You Have?

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When you spot an unwelcome rodent guest in your home, the issue doesn't necessarily end as soon as that particular creature is gone. After all, it's common knowledge that one mouse spotted means several more lurking elsewhere. The extent to which this rule applies, however, can differ from one infested home to the next. 

How you treat the issue largely depends on the scope of the problem. Rodent control measures are essential, but you may first need to assess the situation to get a better sense of whether numerous mice are occupying your home. A little effort will help you determine how difficult it will be not just to get rid of mice now, but also, on a permanent basis.


How to Tell If You Have More Than One Mouse

A single mouse can cause significant damage, but this is quickly multiplied as additional rodents enter the picture. Pay close attention, however, and a variety of signs should appear. If you're dealing with multiple mice, you may hear skittering or other suspicious sounds. Over time, their urine could build up to form an ammonia-like scent that will be strongest near their nest. 

Visual cues that indicate the ongoing presence of mice include not only spotting the animals themselves, but also their droppings. These can be difficult to see, as they're typically only the size of a grain of rice. They may appear in cupboards or other areas around your kitchen. 

If these and other signs continue after you've caught a mouse, you are unfortunately dealing with a full-on infestation. Even if you don't catch a mouse, you can assume you have multiple in your home if common signs of infestation occur in several different locations throughout your house.


How Do You Know When All the Mice Are Gone?

Once you've developed an eye for the signs of mice, you'll also find it easy to tell when the problem begins to subside. Over time, you'll notice fewer mouse droppings and much-appreciated silence as the sound of skittering disappears. Still, given the elusive nature of mice, it can be difficult to know for sure if they're all gone. 

If you want to be absolutely certain that you've managed to get rid of your home's unwelcome rodent visitors, your best bet involves assistance from a pest control company. Experienced professionals can not only determine whether mice are still present in your home, but also, what needs to be done to keep them away for good. With their help, you can avoid both the general annoyance and major health risks of rodent infestations.


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