A Summertime Guest: How long do Mosquitoes live?

How long do Mosquitoes live?

Spending time outside on summer evenings is a favorite pastime of many people. However, some might not be able to enjoy it as much as they would like because of pesky mosquitoes. Even using bug spray, citronella, and other deterrents don't keep all of the mosquitoes away. It seems like they live forever – but they actually have a short lifespan. They just multiply quickly.

How Long Can a Mosquito Live in Your House?

If a mosquito is in a highly traveled part of your house, it might not live much past its lifespan – if it makes it that far before a human kills it. If the mosquito is in an out-of-the-way place, such as an attic, it could live one to six months, depending on the species.

Mosquito Lifespan

A mosquito's lifespan is, on average, two weeks. Some species live up to six months. As soon as a female eats blood, she lays eggs in any damp place or water, though the ideal place is in standing water.

A mosquito lifespan is four stages.

Stage 1: Mosquito Eggs

Most female mosquitoes lay eggs one at a time. The eggs hatch within 48 hours as long as the eggs do not break or something drastic happens, such as a significant drop in temperature. Depending on the species, the eggs could form a raft of up to 200 eggs or remain solo. Some species can lay 200 eggs at a time.

Stage 2: Mosquito Larvae

The next stage is the larval stage. The larvae must have water, or they will die. The larvae rise to the surface to breathe. This stage lasts from four to fourteen days. The mosquitoes shed their skins at least four times as they grow larger during this stage.

Larvae feed off organic matter in the water, including aquatic microorganisms. After the fourth molt, the larva turns into a pupa, which is the third stage of a mosquito's lifespan.

Stage 3: Mosquito Pupa

The third stage of a mosquito's lifespan is the pupal stage. This stage lasts about two days. Instead of just wiggling around, the pupa is more mobile. They can tumble around in the water using their tails. They respond to changes in the light but spend most of their time resting.

The mosquito does not feed at this stage. Instead, its skin splits open to allow the adult mosquito to emerge.

Stage 4: Adult Mosquito

The adult stage is divided into two – the male and female adults.

The Adult Male Mosquito

After emerging from the pupal stage, the male mosquito rests on top of the water so that its body can finish hardening. It takes a few days to finish developing. Male mosquitos only feed on nectar and sources of sugar, usually from plants. You can never have a mosquito bite from a male.

Once the male mosquito finishes developing, it will do anything it can to find as many females as possible. The male adult mosquito lives about 10 days before it does.

The Adult Female Mosquito

The female's adult life starts much like the male's. After emerging from the pupal stage, the female spends a few days resting on the surface of the water to allow her body to finish developing.

During the first few days, the female mosquito does not eat. Once the body is functional, the female feeds on nectar and other plant juices. The female mosquito needs blood to gain the nutrients needed to develop and lay eggs. Thus, a mosquito bites, it is the female.

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