Bed Bugs, Roaches, and Rodents, Oh My: The Fall Pest Guide

Rodent Control

During the fall, outdoor pests start getting ready for the cooler weather, which means they are looking for a warm, dry place for the next several months. Your house is the perfect place for them to overwinter. From the smallest bed bug to the largest rat, you'll have to fight these fall pests unless you take pest control steps. In some cases, you can implement pest control yourself and be successful, but if you don't notice the problem until it becomes an infestation, you will need the services of a professional pest control service.

How to Prevent Rodents

To prevent rodents, you have to find their entry points first. Once you find them, block them with steel wool and foaming insulation. Look for the entry points in dark corners behind furniture and in closets, and under sinks. On the outside, look for cracks in the basement or crawlspace walls, missing screens in crawlspace and attic vents, and spaces near pipes that carry water and electric lines in and out of your home.

The best rodent control, including mouse control and rat control, are snap traps. However, you have to know where to set the traps to be successful. Look for entry points, and the "trails" rodents leave. They generally run against baseboards, and the grease on their hair will leave marks.

Bed Bugs

Having bugs in my home is inevitable. They always seem to find a way to get in, but having bed bugs? That's another thing entirely. When you wake up with itchy bites, you probably have bed bugs. While you can see the adults, it's difficult to see the babies unless you have a strong magnifying glass.

Bed bugs do not respond to most over-the-counter sprays and treatments. If you notice bed bugs, contact a professional pest control tech at McDuffie Pest Control before they spread to the rest of your home.


The most common cockroach in the United States is the German cockroach. They'll come into your home in your luggage, in groceries, and in boxes you bring in. They are notoriously difficult to get rid of. If you notice roaches, you already have an infestation. They tend to come out only at night. Wiping up spills and cleaning up crumbs immediately help keep them out. Additionally, keep pet food and water put up, and store dry goods in plastic or glass containers instead of the poly bags or boxes they come in. A professional bug control tech knows where to locate these pests and can use a professional strength spray to get rid of them.


You might see different types of rodents in your home; however, the field mouse is the most common, especially if you live in the country. If you are in the city, you are more apt to see Norway rats or roof rats and other rodents.

Rodent control for rats is the same as it is for mice, except the traps need to be bigger. You need to locate their entry points and block them, then set traps. If you have done that and you still have a mouse or rat infestation, contact a professional to help you. You might not have found all of the entry points, and you might not have your traps set in the right place.

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