Crawlspace Health: What is it and Why is it Important?

CrawlSpace Health

When considering crawl spaces, it’s important to have the right door system in place that will reduce the amount of humidity that comes into that space. This helps save on your energy bills and keeps insects and rodents away. A home crawlspace is known to quickly collect mold and mildew, which becomes a health hazard.

This area should be inspected at least once a month, especially if there are exterior crawlspace doors to consider. The last thing you want is to have unclear air in a space you use, or where the effects can seep up into other parts of the home. This also keeps your HVAC from working overtime in trying to cool an area that already has issues. Extra moisture can cause additional problems, and outside heat can create unwanted situations.

CrawlSpace Health

There are a few health hazards to consider when dealing with crawl spaces.

  • Insects and rodents
    Moisture is the biggest culprit in drawing insects to your crawlspace because they look for water. One insect can quickly turn into many, which creates additional problems over time.
  • Mold
    Mold has several unhealthy reactions and has a knack for growing and spreading very quickly. Depending on how much mold has gathered, it can create respiratory problems and be expensive to remove.
  • Structural problems
    Many people don’t know that water can create serious problems with the foundation of your home. Neglecting to have a regular crawlspace inspection and avoiding it when you see cracks in floors and walls can also usher in insects and the growth of crawlspace mold because of excess moisture being present.

Crawl Space Solutions

If your crawlspace is making you sick, there are crawlspace solutions to consider, like custom crawlspace doors. Using a crawlspace dehumidifier can make a world of difference in getting moisture out of the crawlspace. When doing a personal inspection, make sure to look for signs of mold or fungus, any damaged wood, and musty smells. This is a huge indicator of your crawl space not being safe. If for any reason you start feeling sick, start with the crawlspace to rule that out as a contributing factor.

There are many health factors associated with mold and mildew, including asthma flareups, fatigue, severe headaches, rashes on the skin, eye irritation, continuous nasal congestion, and additional respiratory problems. Beyond using a dehumidifier, make sure you dust on a regular basis, change the filters for the HVAC, avoid damp floors, windows, and doors, and fix any leaks that may be present.

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