Crawlspace Care

Vapor Barrier Installation

How often do you think about your crawlspace? If you're like most people, you don't give the area between your home and the ground below much thought. But your crawlspace contributes to poor air quality inside your home, letting dirty air sneak in. Over time, this can contribute to respiratory and other health issues. 

Fortunately, crawlspace encapsulation offers a solution. An effective crawlspace vapor barrier protects your home, while a crawlspace dehumidifier reduces humidity. This controls the mold and dust mites that thrive in damp conditions and can lead to unhealthy indoor air.

Crawlspace repair offers other benefits as well. Crawlspace encapsulation reduces thermal loss, saving you money on heating and cooling. It also decreases the risk of pest infestation, eliminates unpleasant odors, and helps keep your home dry, healthy and safe. 

Crawlspace Health

Did you know that the air in your home is at least five times as polluted (and up to 100 times more polluted) than outdoor air? Your crawlspace plays a key role, as air rises through the home from the bottom up. 

As air travels up from the crawlspace, it sneaks through cracks, openings and vents and spreads through your home. If your crawlspace has mold, mildew and dampness, the air brings contaminants and unpleasant odors along, too. The result? Homes with crawlspaces have higher levels of toxins than homes without crawlspaces. 

Unfortunately, crawlspace vents actually contribute to the problem. Though crawlspace vents were originally installed to help circulate fresh air, they tend to bring more moisture in from outdoors. Luckily, installing a crawlspace fan can help mitigate the problems caused by crawlspace vents. 

Mold and dust mites thrive in damp, dark places. Venting stagnant air reduces moisture, removing issues that contribute to eye and skin irritation and respiratory problems

Crawlspace Encapsulation & Dehumidification

Because up to half the air inside your home filters up from the crawlspace, getting rid of excess moisture and standing water is key. Crawlspace encapsulation and use of a crawlspace dehumidifier offer effective solutions. Encapsulation involves installing a crawlspace vapor barrier that stretches across the floor, covering the dirt and reaching up the foundation walls. 

This keeps moisture from evaporating and leaching up into your home's air. Ensuring your crawlspace access door is watertight is another key. If not secure, crawlspace vents and access doors can allow moisture to come in. 

Finally, a crawlspace dehumidifier provides another layer of protection in the fight against excess moisture. In most cases, these small machines are installed to hang from floor joists. They take in air and remove the moisture, then send dry air back out. Choose a crawlspace dehumidifier that's designed for the size of your space, and set the humidistat so it runs only when necessary. This will save you money on your energy bills. 

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Excess moisture in your crawlspace can lead to a number of health problems, from respiratory issues to irritated skin and eyes, polluted air from your crawlspace can contaminate the air inside your home. Fortunately, crawlspace encapsulation keeps your home's indoor air safe, clean and fresh. 

 McDuffie Pest Control is here to help! We'll identify problem areas in your crawlspace, reduce the excess moisture and help you eliminate mold. Contact us today to learn how we can help.