Crawl Space Solutions: Custom Crawl Space Doors

Custom Crawl Space Doors

South Carolina and North Carolina are notorious for high humidity, especially as you near the coast around Myrtle Beach and Wilmington. This can be very problematic for homeowners. Excessive moisture in the home can damage the wood structure and affect the health of everyone residing there, pets included.

Crawl spaces can trap moisture and become pockets of high humidity that may affect the subfloor, frame, and inside the walls of the house. This can lead to rot, decay, and mold. Eventually, the moisture will find its way into the interior of the home. Moisture brings with it mold, mildew, and rot, threatening the integrity of the structure.

Finding a way to minimize moisture in the crawl space of your home can help you control the humidity in and around it. A crawl space door is one step in sealing the area to keep it dry.

Crawl Space Purpose Explained

The crawl space in a house is the area between the ground and the first floor. It is a hollow area that is up to 3 feet high. Typically, the inner workings of the house such as plumbing, duct work, electrical wiring, and even your AC and heater are located in the crawl space as it can work in lieu of a basement. Because of this easier access, many people prefer having a crawl space over a slab on ground.

However, when a crawl space does not have proper ventilation (although there are some that are not ventilated), it can lead to significant moisture problems. If it is not vented properly then crawl space repair just might be your next home repair task. It is definitely a priority due to the fact that it has the potential to affect the structure, the interior, and the health of all inhabitants. Excess moisture in your crawl space is not a problem that you want to ignore or put on the backburner.

Crawl Space Solutions for Excessive Moisture

Good crawl space protection can help keep excessive moisture at bay thus reducing the risk of serious problems down the road. Insulation throughout your home, including crawl space insulation, can not only lower the humidity in your home, it can also lower your utility bill. Insulating crawl space walls as opposed to sub floor is a more economical and easier option.

Crawl space encapsulation is a possible solution for homeowners. Essentially, it isolates, or encapsules, the crawl space so that moisture cannot get in. Crawl space doors can also help keep the area closed off so that moisture stays at bay.

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