CrawlSpace Health

Crawlspace Health: What is it and Why is it Important?

When considering crawl spaces, it’s important to have the right door system in place that will reduce the amount of humidity that comes into that space. This helps save on your energy bills and keeps insects and rodents away. A home crawlspace is known to quickly collect mold and mildew, which becomes a health hazard.

Bed Bug Removal

Is It In My Head or In My Bed? Signs of Bed Bugs

If you’re wondering ‘what do bed bugs look like?’, it might be because you’ve seen a few unidentifiable creatures scuttling around the house. Or maybe it’s because you read an article after seeing a new bite on your skin. It may even be because someone you know had bed bugs and now you feel like they must be everywhere. Notorious for being relentless and especially difficult to eliminate, we feel your pain. We also know that it’s easy to let yourself be consumed with where they are and whether you’ll ever be able to see them. Before you panic, it helps to have some information about what bed bugs look like and how you can stop them. 

Roach Removal

Foreign Invaders: Everything You Need to Know About German Cockroaches

When people talk about having roaches, they are talking about the German Cockroach (Blattella germanica). These pests are often a health hazard. Even if your house is clean, you might find these pests. So, where do German roaches come from if your house is clean? They come into your home on your belongings, in packages, and boxes. If you were at a hotel with an infestation, you could bring them home in your luggage. You don't even have to bring a live bug home – just one German roaches eggs capsule can cause an infestation within six months.

Bed Bug Exterminators

The Houdini Bug: Where Bed Bugs Like To Hide

Bed bugs bite, so if you have them, you probably know it. The bed bug bites show up as red welts on your skin. When you wake up in the morning and are itching, you start looking for these pests – and in many cases, people can't find them. They are there, though! Signs of bed bugs – other than the itchy bites – include little dark specks on your bedding.

Rodent Control

Bed Bugs, Roaches, and Rodents, Oh My: The Fall Pest Guide

During the fall, outdoor pests start getting ready for the cooler weather, which means they are looking for a warm, dry place for the next several months. Your house is the perfect place for them to overwinter. From the smallest bed bug to the largest rat, you'll have to fight these fall pests unless you take pest control steps. In some cases, you can implement pest control yourself and be successful, but if you don't notice the problem until it becomes an infestation, you will need the services of a professional pest control service.

McDuffie Mosquito Control

Buzz, Buzz, Bite: Mosquito Bites and Treatment

Aside from Antarctica and Iceland, nearly every region and every climate is home to a mosquito population. That means that nearly everyone in the world has been bitten by a mosquito before and is familiar with their pesky buzz and itchy bite. However, misconceptions still exist. 

McDuffie Mosquito Control

The Silent Takeover: Mosquito Prevention Tips

Nothing is worse than trying to have a good time barbecuing in your backyard and getting bitten incessantly by mosquitoes. The bites itch and, in some cases, can become inflamed. No matter how much you spray mosquito control spray, they keep coming back. However, spraying doesn't do much good if you don't get rid of the attractants for mosquitoes.

McDuffie Mosquito Control

Where do Mosquitoes Live: Identifying a Mosquito Infestation

Summer is a time of outdoor activities like riding bikes, pool parties, and barbecues. But if there’s one thing that will ruin your outdoor fun in a hurry, it’s mosquitoes. They buzz around your head and leave those annoying, itchy bites, sending you to the safety of indoors. Mosquitoes in your yard are no joke.

McDuffie Ant Control

Teeny Tiny but Timely: How to Get Rid of Ants in My Kitchen

As the weather heats up and the world wakes up from a long winter slumber, there is a flurry of activity that you probably won’t notice right away. You may not see the birds building nests and tending their young, or the honeybees happily buzzing from flower to flower or the cute, fluffy baby animals everywhere.