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The Silent Takeover: Mosquito Prevention Tips

Nothing is worse than trying to have a good time barbecuing in your backyard and getting bitten incessantly by mosquitoes. The bites itch and, in some cases, can become inflamed. No matter how much you spray mosquito control spray, they keep coming back. However, spraying doesn't do much good if you don't get rid of the attractants for mosquitoes.

McDuffie Mosquito Control

Where do Mosquitoes Live: Identifying a Mosquito Infestation

Summer is a time of outdoor activities like riding bikes, pool parties, and barbecues. But if there’s one thing that will ruin your outdoor fun in a hurry, it’s mosquitoes. They buzz around your head and leave those annoying, itchy bites, sending you to the safety of indoors. Mosquitoes in your yard are no joke.

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Teeny Tiny but Timely: How to Get Rid of Ants in My Kitchen

As the weather heats up and the world wakes up from a long winter slumber, there is a flurry of activity that you probably won’t notice right away. You may not see the birds building nests and tending their young, or the honeybees happily buzzing from flower to flower or the cute, fluffy baby animals everywhere.

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Ants Marching: How To Keep Ants Out of Your Home This Summer

A common misconception about ants is that they're harmless. First, carpenter ants in your home can cause extensive damage as they burrow through wood, leaving a trail of sawdust behind them and compromising the structural integrity of your home. Second, some ants can bite or sting, causing pain, itching, and discomfort. While these bites very rarely lead to serious issues, rare complications like infection can occur. Finally, ants are a food source for other pests like bats and spiders, so an uncontrolled ant infestation can lead to a bat or spider infestation as well.

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Termites vs Carpenter Ants: Whos Chewing My Home

If you're lucky, you're probably not up-close to the insects around or in your home. This is great if you would prefer not to see too many of these pests, but it has its downsides too. Both carpenter ants and termites have wings and elongated bodies. They both swarm in the spring and love to chew through the wood in homes. Suppose you're not sure which one is which; it can ultimately affect whether your pest treatments work or not.

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The Silent Invaders: Termite Control 101

Termites can cause a lot of damage to wood structures on your property. A termite infestation is no laughing matter – in fact, the best scenario is not having to deal with termites at all. These adaptable creatures can eat through any wood. You won’t know they are around because they start eating from the inside out. They love moisture and thrive in areas where gutters may be clogged, standing water is plentiful, or if your pipes have been leaking.

McDuffie Termite Control

How To Get Rid of Termites in Your Home

Getting rid of termites usually takes professional-strength chemicals applied by professionals who know how to locate nests and tunnels. In some cases, the termites might be in your walls. Termite services to get rid of termites in the walls might include drilling – but there’s a better way. We can tent your house, which will spread the poison throughout your house, including the walls, and will also treat the ground next to your house.

McDuffie Termite Control

Termite Season in the Carolinas: Termite Damage

Termite damage in the Carolinas is more than just a financial headache. These pests can jeopardize your living environment, eating away at your home and compromising its structural integrity. And while you're likely to identify the problem long before your property physically falls down around you, understanding more about the most common species in the Carolinas can make it easier to avoid the worst case scenarios. You can find termites nearly anywhere in the world, precisely because they're so adaptable. We'll look at the kinds of damage they can do once they find your property, and what you can do keep them away. 

McDuffie Termite Control

Telltale Signs of a Termite Infestation

Searching for termite infestation signs is hardly a property owner's idea of a fun afternoon. Not only can it be physically draining to inspect every inch of your property, but the possibility of finding a whole colony of tiny creatures is hardly enticing. However, the costs of failing to notice the signs of a termite infestation far outweigh the discomforts of looking. It doesn't take much time for termites to eat their way through a home. The structural deformities after they've come and gone can be enough to condemn the entire building. If you want to curtail the consequences of a termite infestation house, it helps to keep your eyes peeled for the following telltale signs. 

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Spring is Just Around the Corner and So Is Termite Swarm Season

It might not seem like spring is on its way right now, but it will be here sooner than you know. And while those mild breezes and longer days will undoubtedly lift your spirits, it's also important to remember that every season comes with its fair share of downsides. Case in point: a termite swarm could easily be carried into your home along with the warmer weather. Termites are more than just a nuisance that property owners have to endure, they can destroy your assets with their voracious appetites. How long is termite season? Knowing the ins and outs of the swarms can make it easier to prepare. The good news is that taking the time to learn about termite control now can save you a lot of trouble in the very near future.