McDuffie Beetles Pic


There are thousands of species of beetles found throughout the world. While many of them are specifically found in the wild there are several types of beetles that can pose a threat to your home and your property.


Beetles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. One of the most common beetles, the Powderpost Beetle, is reddish brown to black, has six legs and ranges anywhere from an eighth of an inch to a quarter of an inch. Their bodies are a narrow oval shape and they feature a large pair of antennae which largely resemble their legs. 


Adult Powderpost beetles are nocturnal creatures, spending their evenings flying around and boring holes within your home. They are extremely attracted to light so that is important to keep in mind when combating these pesky critters.


Powderpost beetles love wood of all varieties. Specifically hardwood is their favorite, they can be found feeding on hardwood floors, antique furniture, and shipping crates. Basically anything that is derived from a hardwood.


Much like termites the number one prevention technique is thorough inspection of any food sources in your home. Because Powderpost beetles love hardwood, is it important regularly inspect your floors, outdoor siding, and all of your furniture. If you suspect you may be facing a Powderpost beetle infestation do not hesitate to contact McDuffie Pest control immediately as these critters can cost you thousands of dollars in long term damage. When it comes to Powderpost beetles, proactivity is the name of the game.