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Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs are small insects that feed mainly on animals and humans blood. They are an oval shape and they look flat, depending on their age they can be different colors, and also they do not have wings. They can be compared to the size of a period at the end of a sentence and also to the size of an apple seed. They can be found anywhere from your carpet to your clothes.

Bed bugs are incredibly small and can be very difficult to identify. They typically grow to about 3/16 of an inch and are flat oval shaped critters.

Bed bugs get their name from their habit of nestling into mattresses and feeding on humans during the night. Bed bugs only source of food is blood therefore they must rely entirely on hosts for their blood meals to survive and grow their colonies. Bed bugs do not specifically target humans as they can feed on any warm blooded animals. Bed bugs have been found on a wide variety of animals from farmhouse poultry to household pets.

While there is no true repellent for bed bugs, the number one tactic is vigilance. The signs of bed bugs are very easy to find, there will be a presence of reddish brown fecal spotting on linens, upholstery, and even walls. Their bites are also very distinct as they swell and become very itchy. However just finding bites alone does not necessarily indicate a full infestation. Bed bugs also lay eggs and molt their skin, even though they are small, so keep a keen eye out for these telltale signs. If you suspect you may be facing a bed bug infestation contact McDuffie Pest Control immediately as professional pest control is required to rid yourself of these nasty nighttime invaders.



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