McDuffie Ants Pic


​Ants are small insects with six legs their legs are built very strongly therefore they can run quickly and lift 20 times their own weight. Ants are expected to live from 45-60 days. They use their antennae not only for a sense of touch but also to smell. There are over 10,000 known species of ants. The ants that are most common to us are the black ant and the wood ant.


While there are a wide variety of ant species throughout the world, they all share very similar characteristics. Ants will always have six legs, have segmented oval bodies, and a set of antennae on their head. While all ants have pincers, their prevalence and size greatly varies on their function. Ants come in a wide variety of colors ranging from red to black and brown or a combination of all three. Just like their color and pincers, ants come in a variety of sizes anywhere from five eighths of an inch to two or three inches. 


Ants are colony critters, so they are always found in large groups. They are burrowers by nature so they will create a series of tunnels and mounds to house their queen. Depending on what type of ant you are dealing with their diets will vary but they most certainly will feed on just about anything you will find in your pantry.


While ants typically will create their colonies outside they can be found nesting in your home. Ants prefer dry secluded areas and require materials to which they can build their mounds and tunnel properly. Depending on the type of ant infestation you are dealing with they will either nest in your basement and walls or outside on your property, essentially wherever they can find a consistent food source for the colony. 


When it comes to preventing ants from invading your home and property, you must ensure all the entrances to your home are properly sealed and you have to keep a keen eye for any signs of an infestation. Damaged food goods, small chewed openings in wood, and the actual presence of workers/swarmers are your telltale signs that you have ants. Do not hesitate to call McDuffie Pest if you believe you may be facing an ant infestation as these invaders can get out of hand in the blink of an eye.